061209 Waste

Letter to Surrey Advertiser


I was most interested to note two councillors (one from Guildford and one from Mole Valley, both in opposition parties) putting forward their views on waste and recycling (Surrey Ad 1st December). Cllr Hogger seems to ignore the fact that garden waste collection takes cars off the road and is a much more environmentally friendly solution than multiple single car trips to Slyfield (composting at home is still the preferred option for those people who can).

Cllr Hogger and Cllr Salmon, despite being in the same party, approach the issue of kitchen waste in different ways for their respective councils. On the one hand Cllr Salmon makes a general assumption that people have gardens to accommodate a green cone. On the other hand, in a complete volte face of her garden waste argument, Cllr Hogger suggests that kitchen waste must be collected rather than composted on site.
I agree with Cllr Wicks that the Council must take significant steps towards recycling kitchen waste. Whilst I am disappointed that the County Council has been unable to take a strong enough lead so far, progress is being made all the time with new technologies and best practices to improve recycling. I believe Guildford Borough Council has been moving fast in the right direction.

James Whiteman, Head of Recycling, Cleansing and Parking Services, and his efficient team perform an often thankless task on our behalf and we should give them as much support as possible. This makes the approach of Michael Chambers with Guildford’s community recycling project, (Surrey Ad 8th December) so much more valuable. I would also urge anyone with enthusiasm and ideas to come forward and let’s see if we can accelerate the excellent improvements the Council has made so far.

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