070415 Dirty Tactics

15th April 2007

On May 3rd residents in Guildford Borough Council’s wards will have the opportunity to vote for the best candidate (or candidates) to represent them for the next four years.

The Conservatives have decided to hijack the issue on everyone’s minds (and supported by all political parties and independent candidates) and are fighting under the slogan ‘Conservatives: stop the hospital cuts’.  Please, everyone, bear in mind that it is by no means disloyal to the Royal Surrey to vote for your preferred candidate ahead of this cynical campaign.

The Lib Dems in Onslow ward are fighting on the basis that a vote for the Labour candidate or the Independent candidate (me) is a wasted vote.  This is more bullying tactics aimed at frightening those voters who may prefer not to let the Conservatives get in so that they vote Lib Dem.

Enough of these party bullies! Please vote for the person or people you consider to be the BEST candidate(s).  All of our residents deserve the best and only the very best will make sure Guildford is well run.

If you have two or three votes, you are not obliged to use them all – indeed you don’t have to use any of them.  All I will ask is that if you do not like any of the candidates you strike a line through your ballot paper.

Your vote should count!

Julian Lyon
Independent Candidate
Onslow Ward

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