111122 Guildford Philharmonic

Letter to Surrey Advertiser


I now feel as though G-Live (“Garrett-Live” as the great Diva styled it) has at last been well and truly opened.

Congratulations to Nicola Goold and Clare Lister who have worked tirelessly over the past many years to bring concerts to different venues around Guildford.  This was a stunning concert by anyone’s standards and, as Stephen Bell (conductor) said, the Philharmonic is an Orchestra of which Guildford can be justifiably proud.  It ranks up there with any other professional orchestra and the programme (which I thought was a little like a sampler CD for a high-end stereo system) showed off the colour, technical excellence and professionalism of the orchestra to great effect – making use of, and bringing the acoustic qualities of the hall to the audience with astounding crispness and brightness.

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