100326 Disabled Access

Letter to the Surrey Advertiser


I read with some interest the letter from Hon. Alderman Bernard Parke (Surrey Ad 26th March 2010) and his assertion that  “surely just a handrail would suffice” when disabled visitors wish to visit Holy Trinity Church.

On New Year’s Eve the wonderful Rodolfus Choir performed Bach’s B Minor Mass at Holy Trinity (to critical acclaim in the Surrey Ad).  Two of the audience and I twice had to leave the concert to assist wheelchair-bound concert-goers to get into the church because there is no ramped access at present.  The Rodolfus Choir will be back again in April and we will once again expect to be carrying wheel chairs and their passengers up and down steps.

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100313 Democracy

Letter to Surrey Advertiser


I read with interest David Loader’s letter about Esher and Walton (SurreyAd 12th March “Not such a ‘safe’ seat anymore”).  Is this from the same Lib Dem party that uses the “Can’t Win Here” slogan to drive out competition from other (minority) candidates?  It could, after all, be a suicide note if used nationally!

If it were not for the fact that Anne Milton does such a good job for Guildford (I have written before to comment on how responsive and helpful she and her team are), and having stood as an Independent candidate in a local election in the past, I might consider standing.  This would be much more difficult if the anti-competitive slogan serves to polarise the votes.

I see this as similar to, say, Tesco or Sainsburys using a slogan that said “Only shop at Sainsbury or Tesco – money spent at the local shops is wasted money!”

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