070524 Letter to Onslow Councillors

Letter to Successful Councillors in 2007 Election

Councillor Tony Phillips

Councillor Steve Freeman

Councillor Chris Ward


Many congratulations on your election victory on May 3rd.

Now the work begins and I would like to outline to you the various issues that I campaigned on and that have met with general agreement on the doorsteps:

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070503 Recollections of an Election

Reflections on Taking Part in My First Election (3rd May 2007) – Julian Lyon

I stood for the first time as an Independent candidate in the recent local elections and took a keen interest in the processes and the outcome.

Although I came seventh of eight candidates in the Onslow ward (in which three councillors were elected), I polled 456 votes, four fewer votes than the new mayor, Mike Nevins who was favoured by 66% of people who voted in the Pirbright Ward. By contrast, a shade over 20% of those people who voted in Onslow would have liked to see me win, of which 54 voters, given three votes, opted to cast their vote only for me!

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