070322 Post Office

Letter to Surrey Advertiser


I noted the article (Guildford Times – week ending 24th March) about retaining post offices with a tinge of envy towards those communities who still have them (we lost ours inOnslowVillage andMadrid Road some time ago).

In response to Anne Milton MP, I am sure that there is a viable business model in this day and age that looks a little bit like the local post offices of old.  It goes something like this:

It used to be the case that mail was delivered to the post office at the heart of the community and was collected by residents at their convenience.

Today, so often when ordering something on the internet, we have to think about whether we will actually be at home to receive it.  Conversely, plenty of people do not have access to the internet at home but could use a service based in the community.

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070319 Election

Letter to Surrey Advertiser


I received through the post a leaflet about recycling – this says what a good job the (Conservative) Council is doing and what a good job it will continue to do (assuming the electors vote them back in).

I have very little problem with the content of the document and support good housekeeping in waste management.

I do have a problem, however, when I am trying to contest a local seat as an independent candidate, with leaflets (funded by the residents) that coincide suspiciously with the launch of the election process for May 3rd!