060723 Royal Surrey

Letter to Surrey Advertiser


Reading about the crisis in the Health Service in our area, I am made to wonder whether in fact the ‘N’ in NHS now stands for Northern.

As a Guildford resident, I am naturally shocked and appalled by the dismantling of our health institutions by the Government, which systematically migrates a greater share of taxation from the South to the Labour heartlands in the North and in Scotland (viz. Council tax redistribution).

The Times reported recently that the Government spends £200 more per head on patients in the North than in the South.

Little wonder then, that Surrey & Sussex Health Authority, with its population of 2.5 million, has been asked to reduce its budgets by £150m per year (just £60 per head) to eliminate its ‘overspend’.

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060721 Civic Hall


I was pleased to note from the Surrey Ad (7th July) that we are close to a decision in  respect of the Civic.

As a property professional of over 20 years’ experience, I am keen to see that the solution makes sense in an estates’ management context; for example: Cost versus value; Long term (life-cycle) costs; Environmental sustainability.

As a trustee of South East Music Trust, I am keen to see that the solution will enhance and  stimulate the wealth of musical talent and will build on the excellent work of Nicola Goold and her team in the face of the real difficulties of operating what they wittily define as ‘BACH’ (Bring a Concert Hall) – the new Civic should provide a good level of acoustic design to ensure it is fit for purpose.

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