051127 Guildford Traffic

Letter to Surrey Advertiser


‘Need better links between Onslow and Guildford’

On Sunday lunchtime I was caught up in a major traffic jam approaching the one-way system from the Farnham Road.  The problem on this occasion was that Bridge Street was reduced to one lane.  All too frequently, however, the Farnham Road is used to back traffic up from the one-way-system to keep the rest of the traffic flowing.

I looked out over the expanse of the railway station and, mindful of the planning application submitted for Station View and also the master plan being worked on for the redevelopment of the entire station, I believe that no development should take place on the station until an alternative railway crossing of at least four lanes has been agreed, and that no development should take place between the station and Walnut Tree Close that would prevent such a crossing being put in.

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