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20120718 Freedom of Information or Licence to Hide

As a result of the aggressive letter from four Councillors (two of whom subsequently withdrew their support) to which I replied, I raised a series of requests to Guildford Borough Council for information under the Freedom of Information Act, 2000.

I carefully crafted my request to ask for information that, based on the Chief Executive’s report to the Scrutiny Committee Meeting in April and the accusations made (which I am given to believe were assembled at a meeting involving senior officers and Councillors), should have been readily to hand.

Requests 1 to 4 can be seen here.

Request 5 can be seen here.

Request 6 can be seen here.

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120423 Philharmonic and SEMT

Funding GPhil – a clearer future – SECOND DRAFT

Julian D S Lyon MBA (distinction) FRICS,
Trustee of The South East Music Trust
26th April 2012


Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra (under its original name) was founded by the then Municipal Council in 1945 and has, for 66 uninterrupted years, provided the town with professional classical music.

Initially, the majority of players and conductor were on the Council’s payroll. Today the Council employs 1.81 Full Time Equivalent staff [source: GBC 2010/11 Budget Book].

As I was growing up, my parents took me to the Philharmonic concerts and they were members of the then-linked choir, Guildford Philharmonic Choir (now Vivace) and the supporting group Guildford Philharmonic Society (disbanded 1999) which ran its own series of meetings and concerts for members.

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120416 Philharmonic and SEMT

Guildford Philharmonic & South East Music Trust – FIRST DRAFT

GBC Scrutiny Committee 26th April 2012 – Julian D S Lyon MBA FRICS

Guildford Philharmonic Orchestra (under its previous guise of ‘[  ]‘) was founded by enlightened Councillors of the Municipality of Guildford in 1946.

South East Music Trust was founded in [  ] by a trust deed for the purposes of “[  ]“.

Over the past [15] years, the Council’s funding of the Philharmonic has come under increasing pressure and, since the old Civic Hall closed, Nicola Goold is to be congratulated for the way she has managed to string together seasons of concerts on a declining budget.

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